Migrate Legacy Servers
to the Cloud

Reproduce servers
with 100% fidelity

Copy users, home dirs, applications and custom scripts
Everything on your legacy server is duplicated in a server running in the cloud

Securely clone running servers on-demand


Tincup makes a binary copy of your entire system, capturing everything that's on disk.


Your Tincup clones are stored on your private Clone Vault where you can manage them.


Run Tincup clones in the cloud or download & use in virtualbox behind your firewall.

Why you need Tincup

Enterprises have thousands of legacy servers nearing EOL yet still used in critical business operations - downtime for them is costly & potentially disastrous. Tincup lets you easily & securely duplicate these servers in the cloud, removing the risk of hardware failure. Allow your teams to properly plan refactoring instead of reacting to yet another outage.

Supported Operating Systems


RHEL 6; RHEL 7; Ubuntu 12.x, 14.x, 15.x; Debian


Coming soon

Your OS Next?

If you need support for another OS, let us know

Refactor with confidence

Run refactoring experiments with zero fear of losing the server. Simply make a copy of your Tincup server image & then experiment as necessary. If the results aren't useful, make another copy and use another approach. You'll never lose your original clone.

How Tincup Works



Signup & login to your Tincup account. If you create a paid account, we'll request your credit card details at this time.


Run Tincup Cloner

Download & run Tincup Cloner on your server. This creates a binary copy of your server & saves it in your private Tincup Clone Vault


Manage your Clones

You can now run your Tincup Clone from your dashboard or download it for use in virtualbox behind your firewall

Make your Ops team happy

Those old servers running out-of-date OSes and system libraries are constantly hitting error conditions that have long-since been fixed in newer systems. Tincup lets you take them out of service in an orderly manner, greatly reducing the number of pages your Ops team receives.


21-day Free Evaluation for Paid Accounts

No contract. Billed monthly to your credit card. Cancel when you want.

$ 0 Free
1 Team Member
Clone Vault
100Gb Clone Storage
24 hour Email Support SLA
$ 449 /month
Unlimited Team Members
Clone Vault
Clone Runner
4Tb Clone Storage
2 Hour Email Support SLA

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